Warlord Nomir

Nomir is a balding human male in his later years. His colors are red and black. Nomir’s forces are fewer in number, and the military might he can call to arms is less than that of Warlord Tageron.

But Nomir has a keen intellect and a good feel for trade. Where Tageron is building a military power, Nomir is building a trading power. Nomir has sought deals with various and disparate cities along the Sword Coast, and now controls most of the trade that travels into Waterdeep, much to the frustration of Tageron.

Of course, Tageron points out those trade routes are often guarded by his men, and that protection comes at a price.

Nomir pays a bounty on any orc ears brought to him of 1 silver per ear.

The heroes recently escorted refugees from Perciv’s estates to Nomir’s.

Warlord Nomir

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